Finance Council

The Finance Council is a stand alone council, distinct and separate from the Parish Pastoral Council and its commissions. It plans, recommends,  implements actions on parish financial support and the effective management and use of parish resources. These resources include parishioner’s time, skills, talents, and monies that are raised or offered. The Finance Council is concerned with four broad areas:

  1. the effective utilization of Parish resources;
  2. the budget;
  3. Church support;
  4. buildings and maintenance.


The Finance Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month in the conference room at 7:00 pm. Contact the Pastor if you wish to serve.

Finance Council Members

  • Fr. Gerard Frawley, Pastor
  • Renee Banner
  • Ken Cronander
  • Ross Dickinson, Chair
  • Jim Kelty
  • Erica Miner
  • Lindsay Pavkovich
  • Bill Vengler
  • Sheryl Van Fleteren, Parish Bookkeeper

Guiding Purpose

St. Anne Parish is a Stewardship Parish.  This title is more than a call for donations; it inspires a new way of life for our parishioners.  Stewardship is about realizing how gifted one is and then properly using all of those gifts; ones’ time talents, and worldly treasure in the right proportion, in a balanced way that brings meaning to one’s existence.  Our parish is principled in the stewardship model that with sacrificial giving, we place God first.  We encourage our members to tithe 10 percent of their yearly income, dividing this money between the parish, and charities or services of their choice.  Likewise, as a parish St. Anne contributes to worthy charities from the proceeds of our weekly offering.  The core of Stewardship is gratitude.   A gratitude that overflows into giving as a way of thanking God for all He has given us.  The guiding purpose of the Finance Council is to model these ideals in it’s actions, recommendations, and endeavors.