CSA 2020

A Reflection From Fr. Gerry

CSA Weekend

 I read where a man put these questions to God. He asked, “God, what is time like to you?” God replies,” a million years is like a second.” Then he asks, “What is wealth like to you?” God replies, “A million dollars is like a penny.” So, the man thinks for a while and asks, “God, can I have a penny?” God replied, “Just a second.”

As I have said so many times, this is my least favorite weekend of the year because I must talk about money. Yes, it is C.S.A. time again. The initials C.S.A. stands for Catholic Service Appeal which is the annual Archdiocesan Fundraiser to fund its many programs, ministries and services.

Because of Covid-19, the campaign is being held much later this year and is being run a little differently. I presume that most or all of you have received our pledge cards by now. If you haven’t, you may contact our office.

Our target this year is $57,743.00 down from last year. That is good news. However, still a lot of money. You have several options, regarding payment, (1) Make a pledge and make your payments over a nine – month period. (2) Make a pledge, make a 1st payment and pay the remainder over a nine – month period (3) Make a pledge, pay the total right now and be done with it.

It is important to note that if we don’t meet our target, then the balance must be paid from our parish finances. If we go over our target, then the balance comes back to our parish. This Faith Community has a great history of generosity when it comes to contributing to our C.S.A. campaign and I cannot thank you enough for that, not only that, but also for your wonderful generosity to our weekend collections.

I fully realize that giving is more difficult this year mainly because so many people are out of work due to the Covid-19 virus. I just ask those of you who can, to try to do the best you can. May God go with you.




 1st Reading—Sirach 27: 30—28:7—Forgive the injustice of your neighbor, for then your own sins will be pardoned. Remember death, stop sinning, recall the commandments, love your neighbor, think of God’s covenant, and overlook the faults of others.

 Psalm 103: 1-2, 3-4, 9-10, 11-12—“The Lord is kind and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in compassion.”

 2nd Reading—Romans 14: 7-9—We are not our own masters, but we are responsible to the Lord as servants. In life and in death we belong to the Lord. Christ died and rose to life in order to become “Lorde of both the dead and the living.”

 Alleluia! I give you a new commandment, says the Lord; love one another as I have loved you. Alleluia!

 Gospel—Matthew 18: 21-35—In a parable on forgiveness, Jesus compared the reign of God to a king settling accounts with his officials: Moved by compassion, the king forgave some or all of each debt. An official then extorted the full amount he was owed, and the king punished him.




1) Let us pray for the Church:

Merciful and loving God, make your Church holy.  May our parish know the power of your reconciling love.

2) Let us pray for world peace and harmony:

Lord of every nation, bless those who work for peace.

Bring peace between all of the nations of the world.

3) Let us pray for the victims of the hurricanes:

Everything we are comes from you, O Lord.  In your compassion, reach out to those affected by these hurricanes. May we help those who have lost their loved ones, their homes and livelihood.

4) Let us pray for the sick of our community:

Give to those suffering from illness the power of your Holy Spirit.

We pray especially for —

Holly Francis     Tony & Betty Morici     Marge Park     Dolores Cumming     Elena Perez     Cooper Pavkovich

Alex Fabian Family     Dot Tebelman     Mark Boques,     Andy, Tom & Ron Rubin,     Diane Naren     Renee Thompson

Al Hasselbach

And for all who have asked for our prayers.

5) Let us remember the dead:

Lord, you are God of both the living and the dead, crown our loved ones with kindness and compassion, especially

(5:00 Mass)  Frederick & Mariah Andre and Bob Henley

(8:30 Mass)  Sister Anne Michelle

(10:30 Mass)  Jack Zubalik  (zoo-bah-lick), Roger McCarville, and Mary Ann Cox

6) Let us pray for our personal needs in silence:

Lord, you watch over us and protect us. Bless civil servants, police and

firefighters, and all those who serve us and promote the common good.

We pray to the Lord…



ANNOUNCEMENTS September 13, 2020

  • Religious Education will be on-line and students will need to complete the textbook chapters at home. We will have a monthly in-person gathering during the months of October, November and December for 45 minutes. We will gather in the church, St. Daniel’s, socially distant wearing masks. Students will need to bring their textbooks with them, a parent or adult will need to attend with them. Please check the bulletin for more details.
  • Right to Life – Life span of Oakland & Macomb Counties is experiencing monetary difficulties due to the cancellation of all their fundraisers in this Covid climate. They are trying to keep their office doors open until conditions improve. They realize that times are difficult for everyone and any donation (no matter how big or small) would be greatly appreciated. A collection basket will be set up in the gathering area for those who are able to contribute. Thanks in advance for your ongoing generosity.
  • We will be collecting diapers, bottles, pacifiers and clothing up to 2 years in size for the Oxford Pregnancy for one more week. Please have your items here no later than Sunday, September 2oth. All items can be placed in the cradle in the gathering area.